We provide one-touch solutions of various permutations and combinations on Lights, high-resolution Audio Visuals, controlled Room Temperature, Shades, Lawns, Skylights and Security systems. You are introduced to a technology customized to fit your lifestyle which is enjoyable and easy to use for you and your family. With Automations, you can control lights, shades, and temperatures from wall mounted keypads, wireless keypads or mobile devices. You get flexible and reliable control systems across the whole home that match your decor. Your home can be controlled from your phone, I-Pad, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and endless input devices.


Control lights to switch ON/OFF and/or DIM the lights with one touch.
  • You can remotely control your lights and fans when you are in or away from home.
  • One can regulate the dimmer (dimming switch) which controls the intensity of light and fan speed.
  • Preset scenes with one touch to entertain your mood e.g.; Morning Scene, Goodnight Scene, Living Scene or any other requirements e.g.; Party Scene.
  • Energy Saving


Get one-stop control, from any point of the home on your Audio and Video systems.
  • Your favorite music could be playing as you enter your home.
  • Your favorite movie playing in different rooms.
  • Play around with different Audio Visual media sources with your phone or remote at the screen of your Home Theater. Jump from a football match on Tata Sky to a movie on Amazon Fire Stick to listening to radio elsewhere in the world.


Keeping your home secure through alerts
  • Video Door Station delivers an amazing Audio and HD video intercom experience.
  • Door locks can be remotely controlled or opened with keys or a touch screen pad with many more advanced features.
  • Occupancy sensors detect the movement of people or occupancy status.
  • Cooking Gas Leak Detectors will automatically shut off the gas valve if gas leakage is detected.
  • Water level Indicators in water storage tank will automatically control the pumping motor.
  • CCTV can be monitored through your phone.
  • Vibration Sensors; any unruly movements will be detected and relevant messages will be sent to your phone.


Windows and shades controlled to maintain optimal natural light streaming into the room.
  • On a sunny day, you have optimum warmth and light flowing in as the shades are up.
  • At night, you can have your shades up and the lights on simultaneously.
  • Control the Direction and Timing of the Shades/Roller blinds shutting open or close.
  • Shades will go up and down as per sunshine and lights will be dimmed to maintain the same amount of light in the room at night and day.
  • Apart from operating the curtains through Automations, just a PULL will also make the curtain Open and Close.

Skylight in the Courtyard

  • The porch in the courtyard having a skylight can have roof shades open and close in transparent or opaque to get the preferred sunshine.

Voice Assistance Control

  • Voice Assistance is a sound reinforced technology which completes tasks or processes in a room by giving a simple voice command that has been fed to the device.
  • In place of a smartphone or a keypad or a remote, Voice Assistant completes the tasks smoothly.
  • Two very common and widely used devices are Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


Preset lights shades and other appliances sensitized to time and weather changes to conserve energy.
  • On a sunny day, Shades are up, Lights are switched OFF and AC works to maintain comfortable room temperature.  
  • On a cloudy day, the Shades are closed, Lights and Fans are switched ON and AC is switched OFF.

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